V60: 1770s Hair Notes

Today’s post is a page out of my dress journal.  I went through a great many images, a lot of them fashion plates, and broke down the various parts of the big 1770s hair styles made so famous by Marie Antoinette.  Here are my notes:

(click for a larger size)

If you can’t read my chicken scratch handwriting (and sometimes I can’t either), here are the themes I noted:

  • Poufed front
  • Looped or braided ponytail in back
  • Side curls low, under the ears *always*
  • The sides of the pouf are sometimes twisted into vertical rolls, carried upwards

Here again are some helpful hair “clip ins” illustrated by Diderot:

Some of these are a lot easier to make than others – for instance, the basic switches on the left side are a breeze, but the vertical stick-in rolls are much harder, though once created would be SO much easier to use than trying to roll your own hair or wig.  I’ve been experimenting with making these hair pieces, but have much more to do, so more on that later ….


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