V44: Sacramento Antiques Vintage Haul

Victorian boots.  I didn’t buy these, but they’re cool to look at.

You thought I was going to miss today’s post!  I’m exhausted after the all-day shopping trip over-the-river-and-through-the-woods, to Sacramento yesterday.

But oh so worth it.

I always find tons of stuff at Sactiques – this time it was quite a lot of textiles and costumey bits.

My best finds of the day were a very Russian-esque wool and faux fur coat that just screams “1912” in every direction.  It was $35!  Also, an 1890s jet beaded collar ($25), and a white voile waist in good, wearable condition, from about 1910-1920 ($5.)

Russian-esque coat.  It has a hood too.
Jet beaded collar.  This is designed to go over something with massive leg-o-mutton sleeves.
Shirt waist – not sure of the date on this, but it is quite full in the front, buttons of the center.  I put it somewhere in the 19teens.  I plan to wear this.

Two panels of black silk net beaded and sequined (not pictured, but $10 for the 2 panels).
Yet another 1990s sequined belt to use for a 1920s bandeau ($3)
A Mary Poppins hat ($10)
A silky gold and whitey-gold sari scarf to wrap into a shiny Regency turban ($2)

Four hair waving clips that are super cool and actually work.  I’ve never seen any clips like these – they are spring loaded, so you pull the middle finger back, put the thing on your hair, then release it, and the teeth on the underside pull the hair back into the wave.  Ingenious! I am always looking for secret vintage hair tools that time has forgotten.  I got these for $3.

Please excuse the puppy hairs.

A pair of 1950s/60s white gloves ($5)
Two collars – one crochet, for an 1860s dress I haven’t finished yet, and one voile and embroidered, for something 1920s I haven’t started yet. ($2 each)
Some embroidered voile trim that might end up on an 18th century apron. ($2)

Every girl needs a pair of vintage white gloves

Sactiques is such a monstrously huge event.  It occupies two entire bays under the Capitol City Freeway, and takes the entire day to go through.  There are just thousands and thousands of items (though apparently no Spanish style hair combs), different every month, hence my coming back with a bucketful of goodies.

So much cool stuff, much of it just scattered on tables.
You could furnish an entire vintage kitchen with the amount of silverware, dishware, cooking stuff, and tea stuff you find here.

So now back to Edwardian hair… I know you’ve all been waiting!


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