V43: 18th Century Experiments in Hair, and New $6 Neckerchief

Last night I spent hours…HOURS…working on Edwardian hair styles, but I discovered that I needed more switches and hair pieces (today’s work), before attempting any more of those styles.

I also tried out a 1770s “V” shaped pouf style, and had a go at creating side curls.  Here was my reference:

Here was my first shot at it:

I need to practice this a bit more, but I will do a tutorial once I’ve got it down.  For the time being, I can tell you that I used…

  • two oblong hair rats
  • a wiglet
  • one hair switch
  • a billion pins

…but more on this later, and other things to stick in your coif.

Also, I found this neckerchief on eBay for $6, yay!  I know the lace on it is a little young in style, but I like the thing very much.

It reminded me of this one from Colonial Williamsburg’s website:

I’m off to the monthly Sacramento Antiques Fair today, hopefully to find some treasures.  The solving of Edwardian hair mysteries will reconvene next week.  🙂


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