1790s Wrap-Front Gown, Complete and with Shoes

Nov 10, 2011 6 comments

I finally finished the 1790s wrap-front gown I've been working on foreeeeever.  I will be wearing this gown, plus its accompanying accessories - pashmina, pineapple reticule, and Pemberley 1790s Regency shoes - to the Masquerade Ball put on by the Regency Society of Tennessee, this coming Saturday, November 12.

If you are going to be at this ball, come say "howdy" and see the Pemberley 1790s shoes for yourself.  For now, here are some pictures, lots of picture!

Here you can see the whole ensemble together, and how the accessories add to it.
The perfect shoes.


  1. The whole outfit is fabulous, but I adore the bag! :)

  2. Dear Lauren. You make me so happy. :) Love the shoesies and the gown is just wonderful. :)

  3. Everything looks marvellous, so very very pretty! And I must say I love the sheer white fabric... I think I might be drewling a bit here! ;) But I'd love to have seen pics where the shawl doesn't cover the upper part of the dress! I'm so curious to see how it looks from the front!

  4. Lovely, except, where are your hose? SHOCKING! ;)

  5. I love the bag! The whole outfit is beautiful but the pineapple just steals the show :)

    The seaming at the back of the dress is gorgeous too!

  6. No pic of the wrap front? :( Needs more jewelry!


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