Introducing "Pemberley," Regency Shoe, 1790-1810

Nov 7, 2011 7 comments
I've been waiting so long to show you all the new Regency shoe!  The "Pemberley" has been in development since Summer, and I am pleased to present her to you now:

  • The Pemberley is a transitional shoe closely based on extant examples from the 1790s to the 1810s.
  • The hand-sewn upper features a pointed toe engineered *not* to squeeze your foot to death.
  • The small, 1 inch high heel is delicately shaped, but sturdy and easy to walk in.
  • Designed with the hallmarks of early Regency shoes: pointed toe, small heel, side seams.
  • Dyable leather construction, lined in "Wedgewood" blue.
  • ...and our signature leather soles.
  • The Pemberlies will never leave you wondering or worrying if your shoes are period accurate!

Pre-Order Opens November 25th

Remember, those who pre-order receive the special discount price, plus are guaranteed their shoes.  Please mark your calendars, and spread the word - as always, we need 100 pre-orders to run this beautiful style!


  1. Oh dear, I want BOTH the Devonshires AND the Pemberlies!!! Love, love, love your shoe line and I'm excited about the upcoming styles too!

  2. Is there going to be a shot of the top of the shoe so we can see how pointy it is?

  3. They are just beautiful... if only they were available in a "C" width. Still - one lives in hope for the future!

  4. There will be so many photos you'll be sick of seeing these by December!

  5. Yeah!!!! I'm excited!!! :D They are gorgeous!


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