Madame X at Halloween Gaskells Victorian Ball

This weekend I went to visit friends and dance the night away at Gaskells, one of the most epic Victorian dance events in the West.  I took Madame X with me, and also “the big camera” (for lack of a better name), and snapped photos all night long, danced until my dress came apart, and followed the whole thing up with chili fries and laughs at Au Coquelet Cafe in Berkeley.

Loads of Photos Under The Cut >>

I spent the weekend with Nicole and John, who dressed as an “attempted murder” for the ball.
Nicole’s costume was stunning and creepy and beautiful all at once

Yes, this is an Iron Man bustle dress.  Caira never disappoints!
Jenny as The Ginger Gypsy
Chrissy in her jealousy-inducing black and white corset
Craig as a scarred German peasant.  He opted to wear pants to the ball…
Nicole and I were the Ladies In Black
Despite all the satin lunacy, I’m really happy with how this costume came out, even if I don’t have the big hips and tiny waist to really pull it off

At Au Coquelet Cafe, after the ball, the iPhones came out en mas.  Photos of people I was sharing a table with were already uploaded to Facebook!

Happy Halloween!!!


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