1920s Fun at the Ehrman Mansion, Sugarpine Point, Lake Tahoe

On Saturday, four Great Basin Costumers “invaded,” as we do, the Sugarpine Living History Day, a mildly 1900-1930s event held at the old Ehrman Mansion on West Shore at Tahoe.

We went in 1920s to 30s attire, toured the house, enjoyed a picnic on the front porch, and admired the grounds.

More photos…….

Here’s our party of four
Mom in the Ehrman Mansion.  She’s actually standing under the original elevator.  This is where it would come down.
Debbie and Oscar Sessions.  They always look so perfect 🙂
Me on the staircase in the Ehrman Mansion.  This photo was done using this tutorial on how to take and make 1920s style photos.
Old car bits.
Old boat bits.
Mom on the pier.  Her dress is made from an original 1920s pattern.
Oscar and Debbie going for a swim in Tahoe.  They’re far braver than I.
Vintage swimmers.  Oscar in his 1920s style men’s swimwear .  He’s the bravest guy I know.
Mom + Hat.  She’s proud of her hat.
Anachronistic sunglasses, but I don’t care.  They’re fun 🙂
Debbie and Oscar contemplating the water…how cold do you think it is?  Well, there’s still snow on the mountains, so….
Mom and our beautiful Lake.  I will never tire of taking photos at Tahoe.
More vintage photo fun.  I love going to events where somebody lets you sit in their old car and take a photo.  🙂  This photo is also done with the 1920s photo tutorial, and I added a vintage frame.

And such was our day.  If I have to miss Costume College, at least I got to play dress up with friends, still 🙂


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