1780s Green Half-Boned Stays Finally Completed

Jul 6, 2011 6 comments
I went ahead and finished these, even though I will never wear them.  I originally started these for The Revolution Dress, but I cut them too short for my long waist, so re-drafted my pattern and made a different pair instead.

So they sat rather unloved and unwanted for awhile, so close to complete.  Just a little binding on the tabs today, a couple additional grommets in the straps, and they were complete.  Why waste them?  It is still work I am very proud of!  Somebody out there, with a normal, non-freakish torso, will want them.  If this lady is you, then hop on over to my Etsy Shop and snatch them up before someone else does.

American Duchess on Etsy

Pretty Green Stays on Etsy


  1. Oh, so lovely! They are just to my measurements, actually, but I can't imagine what I would wear them for. Great work, though!

  2. LOVE the colour combo. I'm wearing it now actually! In charmeuse abstract print silk, but it still works!

  3. I loved the fabric but I think it was just not meant to be with me - I made one version of stay, well, started them anyway, with piping in the seams, and this fabric, and it just failed miserably, so I started again and made these, which are great .... but don't fit me, haha! I hope somebody can get some use out of them :-)

  4. Very pretty. Love the color combo as well.


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