Georgies in San Francisco – Shoe Travels and Other Adventures

…and what a crazy adventure this has been so far.  I’m going to write a post, “Things I Learned While Manufacturing Shoes,” about all the mistakes I made, and all the weird stuff that happened – like that chemical fire.

At any rate, the shipment of Georgiana 18th c. shoes is stateside.  It’s “bonded” in San Francisco, which means it’s here in America, but it has not cleared customs yet.

The shoes will be trucked from San Francisco to Sacramento, then from Sacramento to Reno, the final leg of their really-flippin’-long journey.  In Reno, they will arrive at US Customs, where Chris, myself, and our excellent shipping agent will file paperwork, go through inspections, and take possession of them.

Today I get to rip apart my shoe sample to weigh it for materials.  See what I mean by adventures?

At any rate, unless meteors hit Nevada or we’re overrun by a rabid swarm of field mice, your shoes will ship next week.


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