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A couple weeks ago I went on a fabric-designing binge, fueled by my desire for 18th century historic prints.  I designed a small collection based on my favorite sprigged muslins, Indienne block prints, and Chinese hand-painted silks, and uploaded them to, a custom fabric store that allows you to purchase designs on a number of difference materials, including cotton sateen, voile, and silk crepe de chine.  I just received my samples in the mail and they’re lovely!  Check out these designs and a handful of others in my first collection, with yardage now for sale on Spoonflower:

1795-1800 Indian Cotton

This print is closely based on this c. 1795 robe in the collection of the V&A (T.121-1992).  The original design is block printed Indian chintz.

Here’s a hand-painted chinese silk polonaise from the Met (1970.87a,b), and my fabric swatch based on the material:
1780 Yellow Chinese Style Print
This is a blue organic vine pattern, from a gown in the Kyoto Costume Institute (AC7621 92-34-2AB):

1770 Vines and Florals- Navy
There are more in the new collection, all researched and as close to original fabric as I could get.  Use the cottons for jackets and caracos, or entire robes and gowns.  Also, if you would like to request a fabric or a specific color change to one that I have already designed, just e-mail me and I will work on it for you!


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