Historic & Retro Winter Shoes & Boots

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? In the lane snow is glistening… <3

Here’s our annual guide to this year’s historic and retro winter shoes and boots from American Duchess and Royal Vintage. Now, before we start, please note that all American Duchess offerings and most of the Royal Vintage (except Alpen boots) have leather soles, which is the historically accurate material but is not the safest or most durable for winter wear. While our soles have a topical sealer applied to inhibit water and salt from soaking in too much, we highly recommend having your soles rubbered or half-rubbered at a shoe repair shop if you intend them for everyday wear in inclement weather.

So with that being said, here’s what’s on offer…

Londoner Edwardian Oxfords in Cherry – full-coverage, all-leather lace-up oxfords with 2 inch French heels. These shoes are solid, comfortable, and beautiful.

Vienna Victorian Booties – available in brown or black – pull-on congress gaiters with short 1.5 inch heels, all-leather construction, and adorable little bows on the softly-squared toes.
Renoir Victorian Button Boots – true side-buttoning boots with a scalloped edges, softly-squared toes, and short 1.5 inch heel. 

Camille Edwardian Boots – gorgeous leather and velveteen lace-up boots, available in black/black or burgundy/black.

Tavistock Button Boots – our classic true side-button boots with welted soles, 2 inch French heel, and pointed toes. 
Claire 1940s Oxfords – available in Army brown or black, these are a full-coverage, lace-up leather oxford with 1.6 inch heels and attractive perforation throughout.

Alpen Boots – our iconic, practical, comfortable winter booties are now avialable in brown velveteen and leather paired with natural sheepskin. RUBBER SOLES and 1.6 inch heels – warm, cozy, and cute!
Alpen Boots – RESTOCK in black/black! The original vintage winter boots in black velveteen, leather, and sheepskin. RUBBER SOLES and 1.6 inch, practical heels.

We hope you like these styles! Several of these are also available in other colors, so go have a peep at AmericanDuchess.com and RoyalVintageShoes.com to see our full ranges.


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