Design Sundays: "Decadence SixtyThree" Mad Men Inspired Dress Design

Dec 5, 2010 5 comments
Okay, technically it's late Saturday night, but I couldn't wait to post, so here we go.

I have exciting things to show you concerning the release of "October Foxhunt," a jacket I designed for, that will be released for pre-sale on December 8th. ...  but I can't show you anything until December 8th!

So instead I've done a new design, this time of a dress inspired by some beautiful vintage garments made of lame, brocade, heavy and beautiful shimmery fabrics.  I've been watching waaaaay too much "Mad Men," can you tell?  If you like this design, please vote for it and we'll see if it's popular and cool enough to be made into a a real dress for sale in the Garmz shop.  Thank you all!!


  1. Lovely. A friend was wearing a dress with this kind of neckline just this week. Being a woman of shape I love madmen style dresses. (I received a vintage dress of this era just this last week.) Like the colour and pattern choice too!

  2. I love how it is modern yet vintage, simple and classy, and then combined with that very rich fabric.
    I voted for it!


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