Why Sew with Nowhere to Go?


Why Sew When the World is Ending?

For so many of us, sewing is about so much more than producing clothing to be worn. Everyone has a different reason for pursuing this hobby, what outsiders might say is frivolous or superfluous. Some enjoy the historical research, learning about the textiles used or the people who wore such attire, and why they did. Some enjoy the craft of it, while others enjoy the design or problem-solving. The wearing of is just the final icing on this layer cake of creativity.

But why sew when all events are cancelled? It is a massive bummer, indeed, to not be able to attend fairs, picnics, historic sites, battles, balls, and parties – but we are quite lucky, in our modern online world, to be able to show our creations on social media. We’ve adapted as best we could – silhouette parties and costume gatherings on Zoom keep some of the magic alive, however small that sparkle may be right now.

Perhaps most importantly, historical costuming engages our brains. Curiosity and creation are vital to survival; that seems more apparent than ever. It’s also harder than ever, with so much anxiety about the state of the world, followed by depression and malaise.

In our sewing, though, is there not resistance and rebellion? Continuing to create and do so looking towards a brighter future seems revolutionary right now, but we are holding out. The world may not “go back” to the way it was in the BeforeTimes, but when this storm is over and we can meet again, my what a fabulous choice of dress we shall each have.


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