'Tis The {Start of} The Season

Nov 29, 2010 4 comments
In honor of the snow, the cold, and having bested Turkey Day, I've switched it up here to a festive holiday theme, and to celebrate, enjoy this obnoxious and yet stunning 1871 tartan daydress, from Augusta Auctions:

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  1. Wow..that dress is...wow. I didn't realize you could put so much tartan on one person. Very festive!

  2. I know right! It's pretty fantastic, but then when you look closer it's made pretty badly! The plaid doesn't match up at all - okay, I don't mind that so much - but there's this weird lime green ribbon added onto the sleeves that doesn't match at all, and in general it's quite weird. Blah! (but I would make something like it in a heartbeat, hahaha)

  3. my first reaction to the dress was, "OH NO MY EYES!" then, "hmm. i could so make that." such midvictorian tacky awesomeness.

  4. Sarah, EXACTLY my reaction too. There was some hideous plaid taffeta at the local Mill End store, and don't think it didn't cross my mind...:-)


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