The Josephine Collection Pre-Order is Live!

Dearest friends! With the official onset of the summer months, the air is warm, the sun is shining, and best of all, we are releasing a brand-new, absolutely delightful historical reproduction shoe. Meet Josephine, the 1790s style you have been dreaming of!

Formally entitled the Josephine 18th Century Pumps, these beautiful little shoes are ideal for your late 18th century costumes and impressions. Accurate to 1785-1805, Josephine’s uppers are made from a lively, striped, 100% cotton textile. The lining is cotton too, making Josephine flexible and breezy. This jaunty pump is constructed with period-accurate side seams, which beautifully set off the striped pattern. The toe is daintily pointed as per the styles of the period (but don’t fear the point- the last is designed so that the pointy bit begins after the wide part of your toebox, to avoid the dreaded pinch). The low-cut vamp and graceful lines of this shoe creates a most graceful silhouette on the foot.

Josephine is festooned with luxurious, 100% silk ribbon pleated toe trim and rosettes- that’s right folks, 100% SILK ribbon! This splendid, quality ribbon has been custom dyed to match each colorway. We must say, this silk trim looks absolutely gorgeous, and we are simply giddy about it.

In case 100% cotton uppers and custom-dyed silk ribbon trim aren’t enough new and exciting things all in one shoe, Josephine sorts a new heel as well. We’ve developed a well-balanced, 1.5″/3.81 cm Italian heel, which perfectly fits the 1790s/late 18th century aesthetic. Lower and wider than our original Italian heel, this heel sits nicely in that period where shoes were lower than earlier decades, but not quite flat or spring-heeled yet. Josephine’s heels are covered in ivory leather, which sets off the colors of the striped uppers wonderfully.

We’ve made Josephine in 5 spectacular colorways: Charcoal/White, Yolk Yellow/White, Taupe/White, Red/White, and Blue/White. No matter your favorite color combination, there is a pair of Josephines that will go perfectly with your outfit (they go great with our classic silk stockings too!)

The Josephine Collection is on sale for 15% off each pair from June 21-30 in our US and UK/EU stores. After June 30, we will be capping sizes and colors, so get your favorite for a deal during our pre-order!

Pre-Order is Open
June 21-30
15% Discount Per Pair

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