Olympe’s Stays – Mock-Up Progress

The blue line at the waist indicates where an additional tab will be cut, after installing the bones.

Ah, lovely progress on Olympe’s stays this evening – well, the mock-up in any case.  I’ve decided to do a full mock-up to test the pattern and fit.  This will be made out of my own materials, and be sent to Olympe before cutting into her pretty jacquard and linen.  This mock-up is two layers, whereas Olympe’s will be three (interlined with canvas), and I am testing the boning layout, as well as the gaps in back and front, which make these stays mucho adjustable, yay!

Tonight’s progress – linings and outer fabrics are cut, and sewn together, and one side of the stays has all the boning channels sewn.  Next step is to replicate all the boning channels on the opposite side, then “stuff” the stays, install the grommets, and finally the binding is last.  I will likely *not* bind the stays before sending to Olympe, as it’s time consuming and not necessary for the fitting.

More blue lines indicating additional tabs to be cut.  The straps attach both front and back, allowing them to be completely removed.  The back of the stays has been cut low so as not to show above the neckline of gowns, but still high enough to offer support to posture.


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