SideProject: The Worst Little 1920s Slip Around

This Sunday is the highly anticipated Gatsby picnic at Lake Tahoe, and I’ve got a GREAT vintage dress to wear.  Of course, it’s transparent, so I had to make a slip to go under it.  This was the part where I realised I had no pattern, no time, and no idea what I was doing.

How about some pin-tucks?  How about a couple godets, then maybe I can get the thing on?  I think I was equipped with only 1/4 of a brain when I started slicing and dicing this thing together.  How it ended up to go onto my body at all, and to not fall off or be too tight or try to murder me in my sleep, I don’t know.  LUCKILY it’s underwear, and the dress that goes over the top is well-made (because I didn’t make it!), and gorgeous…but those photos shall be for later :-).


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