SideCar: The Gatsby Picnic at Lake Tahoe

1931 Buick, in front of the Pope Mansion

What a lovely Sunday it was, at Tallac, on the lawn of the Pope Mansion, surrounded by 1920s and 30s automobiles, listening to jaunty music, watching the pretty people promenade around.  I’d been looking forward to this event all year – it’s one of the only 20th century things to do in our Summer Season here in the Great Basin, and I had a great dress I was itching to wear.

My mother and me – trouble comes in 2s!

I got this summer lawn dress from a fellow costumer, Lady Carolyn, for – can you believe it – $10!  I wasn’t so sure about it at first, but Carolyn and my mom talked me into it, and am I glad they did!  I LOVE this dress!

It has a little bit of damage already – some tiny frayed holes on the back – but it’s in shockingly good condition for being about 90 years old and made of some weird stiff-ish voile-type stuff (cotton).  The pink slip was perfect underneath and gave me no trouble.

Mom wearing 1930s sporting togs.  How cute is she!?  She got this vintage tennis racket for just $10!

I managed to tear the dress a little, getting into the car.  There is a split at the top of the back right shoulder, about 1″ long.  Heartbreaking! And I was on pins and needles all day after discovering it, trying not to tear the thing right down the back!  I get to devise some way to patch it now…patching a transparent dress…great.

All in all it was SUCH a lovely day.  Perfect weather, great friends, pretty dresses!


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