Pogey Monday

This weekend I took a drive (in excellent company of man and dog) down to Grass Valley, CA, one of my favourite places ever.  I hadn’t been in ages, years in fact, and the occasion was for the consumption of pasties…and also to poke my head into an antique shop or two.

I’ve been meaning to get a new vintage teacup and saucer, as a reward for leaving a bad old job and starting a new great job.  I’m very picky, so finding antique and vintage teacups that appeal is actually rather difficult, but the lovely thing about antique stalking is that when you see “the perfect one,” you know it immediately.

I loved the interesting and unique shape of this little set, along with the color scheme.  It was made by Rosina China Co Ltd, Queen’s Pottery, Longton Staffordshire Potteries, from about 1941 onwards.  I’ve not found my exact mark online, so I’m unsure of the year, but nevermind all that, it’s a lovely addition to my little collection!


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