James’ :Ubersexlich 18th c. Men’s Suit: Sketches

The time has come to begin sketching and designing for James’ 18th c. suit. The nice thing about men’s fashion in the 18th c. is that while it was flamboyant, yes, the shapes stayed generally the same, with only moderate differences in length of frock coats, style of waistcoats, etc., up until everything went berzerk in the 1790s.

I’m partial to the later, shorter version of the waistcoat, and the lovely cut-away style of frock coat. Of course, this sketch will have to pass James’ test of “:ubersexlich,” that being some strange made-up German James-ism for “super hot,” and what I am to achieve with this project. (lol!)

I’ll be sourcing some broad metallic silver braid-trim-something for the front edges of the frock coat, and a thinner version for the waistcoat. The buttons will be self-covered navy blue velveteen with some hand embroidery in silver — I’m thinking a starburst kind of pattern.

Patterns will be ordered from JP Ryan tonight, yay!


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