Oooo, Pretty! Changes!

Sep 6, 2009 7 comments
Ah, finally a new background for American Duchess blog, which I found through The Dreamstress, who has also changed her background to awesomeness! What do you guys think? It's your face PINK, but I like the feel of it :-)


  1. I like it! Especially when I scroll up so the blogger stuff is gone! Now I need a banner as good as yours!

  2. I like it too...
    I don't like pink very much
    but a bit pink with brown is very nice!!

  3. Thanks! It's all Dreamstress' doing - she changed her blog BG, and I changed mine, and now we both look SPIFFY! :-)

    I think I would have preferred a steely slivery blue over the pink, but I love the pink/brown combo too. It works, me thinks :-)

  4. Pinky-time Pinkness Wins! I think I will stick with the change :-)

  5. Ooh - v pretty! I had to have a look - their graphics are gorgeous and so inspiring for when I come to make my website... I had to have one. Thanks for pointing me in their direction!


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