The Evolution of Fashion...

Sep 4, 2009 6 comments
Ladies (and Gentlemen Callers)...

The history of fashion, from the 18th to the 21st century, has just been beautifully swept through in this wonderful commercial....

...too bad it's a commercial for a BLADDER PROTECTION PRODUCT.



  1. This gets me every time it comes on TV!

  2. I think in this one instance I am lucky to NOT have television! I've never even heard of this product!

    It's a cool ad, although the historical costumes really are AWFUL! lol!!

  3. Cool idea, but otherwise... And I wonder why such commercials always are aimed to women, when it's men who suffers from it the most.

  4. Ok, I'm weirded out by the bladder protection. But, I like the idea. It reminds me of the washing machine commercial that starts in the late 1800's and moves to modern day.

  5. Isis...I was going to come up with a witty response, but my powers fail me. I really don't know why it's aimed at women, hahaha. New forum topic? (just kidding, lol)

    L'Emarks, I haven't seen the washing machine add, but I'm totally going to go look it up...

  6. OK - the clothes are just awful, and Mr D gave me a very weird look when he heard the bladder protection bit!


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