The CraftFail Verdict

Sep 3, 2009 7 comments
The truth about those scissors I posted about earlier today: no, they don't cut fabric. My world is shattered.

My portrait boxes are coming out mega fail. No, you don't get pictures!

I'm afraid to try'n sew anything right now.

And with that, I'm going to light candles, take a bath, and feel sorry for myself.



  1. Maybe if you got them really really sharp by cutting aluminum foil over and over... But that would be utterly time consuming.

  2. Oh no, what a pity :(

    Buuuut... Maybe a pro could sharpen them and make them into fabric scissors? There's a shop for grinding knives and scissors where I live, maybe I could ask their advice.

  3. Oh no - I was planning to try the same thing (scalloped paper scissors) in the hope of having lovely curvy edges :'(

    Hope you had a good bit of relaxation and recharged yourself and that today is a better making day!

  4. I'm so sorry Lauren! But I think this is what you want: They seem to be harder to find in the US, but googling brought up some hits.

  5. Bummer. I totally understand the "I should be near fabric right now" syndrome. I hope you can find some sheers that work. I am anxious to see your owl dress.

  6. Ah the internet is a wonderful place. I suppose I ought to invest more than $5 on scalloped sheers made specifically for fabric - I'll order them from the webiverse at some point, thanks for the link Gloria :-).

    My crafting fail turned out decently afterall. I was prototyping a little box thing, but didn't think it all the way through, so I ended up just pushing paint and rhinestones around. It turned out half-way ok, but I'm confident that the next one will be better :-). Pictures soon...

  7. NOOO utter sadness about the scissors...good thing i didnt go out n buy a pair instantly!

    sorry lovely, but im sure things will come out ok in the end! im curious


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