Wolfie and Woffington Give a Nod to Lil' Duchie

Jul 14, 2009 3 comments
Finally I have returned from work-related duties in Atlanta, Georgia, and have been greeted by such a wonderful surprise! The Celebrated Mrs. Woffington, a wonderful 18th c. blog, has awarded me The Amadeus Award For Taste & Excellence!

This award, originally bestowed by Wolfgang Amade Mozart (the blog), has been gracing the web since 1998, and follows the fashion that it is to be given to 5 blogs "dedicated to the 18th century and which demonstrated through their content and appearance the style and grace of that period in history."

WOW! I shall have to in turn award this great honor to five of my favorite 18th c. blogs, but I will consider carefully! Duchie Awards have gone out to 5 of my favorites already, but since that time my "favorites" list has grown. Look for a future post!


  1. Congratulations Lauren! I am so proud of you, and you totally deserve it!

    (now please live up to your award by getting sewing and making some more gorgeous things!)

  2. Well deserved, indeed, Your Grace!

  3. You're welcome Lauren - really enjoying your adventures in 18th-century costume!


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