Wolfie and Woffington Give a Nod to Lil’ Duchie

Finally I have returned from work-related duties in Atlanta, Georgia, and have been greeted by such a wonderful surprise! The Celebrated Mrs. Woffington, a wonderful 18th c. blog, has awarded me The Amadeus Award For Taste & Excellence!

This award, originally bestowed by Wolfgang Amade Mozart (the blog), has been gracing the web since 1998, and follows the fashion that it is to be given to 5 blogs “dedicated to the 18th century and which demonstrated through their content and appearance the style and grace of that period in history.”

WOW! I shall have to in turn award this great honor to five of my favorite 18th c. blogs, but I will consider carefully! Duchie Awards have gone out to 5 of my favorites already, but since that time my “favorites” list has grown. Look for a future post!


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