Promenade Collection Pre-Order is Open!

Dear friends, we come to you with a most exciting announcement. The pre-order for our Promenade Collection is now open! We are delighted to introduce three new styles: the Esme 1930s Wedges, Marta Vintage Sandals, and Bronte Slippers!

Promenade is our first pre-order collection of 2024, and with the new year, we are changing up the way we do pre-orders ever so slightly. Happily, these changes mean more savings for you! Starting with Promenade, you will save 15% on all pre-order collection styles purchased within the pre-order sale period. Rather than 14 days, our pre-order periods are now 10 days in duration. Our Promenade Collection pre-order is open from March 1-10, so if you pre-order Bronte, Esme, or Marta during this time period, you will guarantee getting your size and favorite colorway in addition to saving 15% per pair.

And now, wouldn’t you like to meet our three fabulous new styles?


Behold Bronte, your new favorite 19th century slipper! Revived from the American Duchess archives, this splendid little slipper is back with a new-and-improved last, more lacing options, and more colors. We meticulously crafted Bronte 2.0 to check off all the boxes for a slipper of this sort. The toe is satisfyingly square, perfect for that distinctive late Regency/early Victorian silhouette. Made from super-soft leather and without a structured toebox, Bronte slips onto the foot with ease and is ever-so comfortable right out of the box. With wear, they mold around the foot for that ever-desired custom fit.

Bronte has three interior lacing loops- one under the toe and two on the sides- allowing for a variety of lacing choices. Each pair of Brontes comes with matching Petersham ribbon laces, but if you like switching up your look, you can change them out easily for the ribbons of your choice thanks to the lacing loops!

New Bronte Slippers come in four lovely colors: black, soft ivory, pink, and black cherry. Additionally, Bronte is available in both B and D width!

As an added bonus, Bronte’s return couldn’t be at a better time, as this style fits perfectly into the ballet flat revival that is all the rage at the moment in contemporary fashion. Pair them with some cuffed jeans, and you are away laughing!

In need of costuming inspiration? Observe our dear friend Alatheia @statusthimblesewing, showing how Bronte fits perfectly with Regency and Victorian costume. Can you tell that we are obsessed with these photos?!


The artistic inspirations we so love about 1930s fashion come to life in the form of Esme, our new beguiling wedge. Based on a selection of original extant shoes, this attention-grabbing striated wedge may appear high to the eye, but it is, in fact, a bit of an optical illusion- how surrealist! The carefully measured striae of smooth leather and suede seamlessly transition from the heel of the shoe to our brand-new, perfectly balanced 2.75″/ 7 cm wedge heel. Esme’s irresistable stripes are set off by a perforated suede vamp with coordinating smooth leather trim, matching cotton laces, and charming peep-toe. Pair Esme with your favorite 1930s/1940s inspired ensembles, or throw them on with some flared jeans for a 1970s-does-1930s look.

Esme is available in four gorgeous colorways: gold/black, black/black, fuchsia/wine, and red/blue.


We may have just only kissed February goodbye, but we are mentally already in warmer temperatures. Sandal season will be here before we know it, and in sweet anticipation, we offer Marta Vintage Sandals! Based on several pairs of original sandals from the 1940s and 1950s, Marta is perfect for traipsing through European alleys and avenues, strolling along the seaside, lounging by the pool, and for giving your warm-weather wardrobe that effortless touch of style.

Accurate to the 1940s through 1950s, Marta features an all-leather upper and lining, lightly padded insoles, sealed leather soles, and our tried-and-true 0.5″/1.27 cm common sense heel, so you can wear these lovely sandals all through the day and into the night with ease.

Marta Vintage Sandals come in four beautiful colors: goldenrod yellow, harbor blue, antique gold, and black.

Our Promenade Collection is on sale for 15% off each pair from March 1-10 in our US and UK/EU stores. Ordering during our pre-order period is not just smart for saving money, but is also the best way to ensure you get your correct size and preferred color, as colors and sizes are capped after the pre-order sale ends! The Promenade Collection is scheduled for delivery in July of 2024.

Pre-Order is Open
March 1-10, 2024
15% Discount Per Pair

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