The “Star Princess” Camille Boots

The stuff sparkly dreams are made of.

Back when we did the color poll for the Camille Edwardian Boots, we got a fair few comments about doing them in metallic silver and powder blue because they looked very similar to the “Star Princess” costume boots from Phantom of the Opera.

American Duchess "Star Princess" Camille Boots inspired by Phantom of the Opera

What started as a coincidence is now brought to life. I will admit to being completely ignorant of the Phantom stage costumes, so this is serendipity! The original design for Camille comes from a pair of boots in the Bata Shoe Museum, with additional influence from depictions of can-can dancers, Vaudeville, and circus performers of the period. Below are also several pairs of metallic and brightly-colored boots of the period.

Bata Shoe Museum – 1890s – 1920s

The “Star Princess” costume in Phantom Of The Opera is worn by Christine Daae in the “Masquerade” scene at the beginning of Act 2. The glimmering pink and blue creation was originally designed for Broadway by Maria Bjørnson and has appeared all over the world in “Phantom” productions. The boots appear in various forms, but are always light blue and silver.

These are certainly a wildcard for us, but YOLO. What I love most about this crazy color combo is how weirdly versatile they are. I’ve seen comments and ideas from you all for historical Cinderella, Sailor Moon and anime characters, various ice queens and snow princesses, Can-Can, Vaudeville, and circus performers, Wonder Woman and other super heroines, video game avatars, even historical Lady Lucha Libre, which please somebody do so my life can be complete and I may die happy.

If you love these, pre-order them because they’re a very limited edition!

Pre-Order for Star Princess is Open
February 18 – March 4, 2022
Women’s US Sizes 5 – 12
$20/pair discount
Free USA Shipping

Available to Order on our European Website too!


      • Briana Schmidt

        May 14, 2022 at 11:19 PM

        I have a question. I know it’s possible to do this (I watch several costubers who have) and I also realize that it might not be ok for you to feature as a brand yourselves, but have you ever considered historical cosplay? as in mash historical fashions with your favorite characters? again I know it’s possible to do this, (my wedding gown is actually a mega gardevoir pokemon in a robe a la francaise and my groom is dressed similarly to me as a shiny mega gallade pokemon) sorry if this seems weird to put here, just I’m a huge fan, poor but huge. i can’t wait to save up for these boots because that whole ensemble is to die for. (I can make clothes, shoes seem far more daunting) but I did notice that you (American Duchess you) and Prior Attire are one of the few channels to not feature like some lighthearted whimsy like a disney princess but victorian, etc. etc. (I mean the darth pomade was pretty whimsical, but in terms of dress. I’m ranting. sorry, I just love this company.


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