Finished Vintage Dress UFO #2 – Simplicity 3280

Simplicity 3280 1939 dress in rayon faille

Two weekends, two finished vintage dress UFOs, and I have to say it feels *great* to pick up old projects and finish them! I hate waste, and I feel guilty abandoning things. I promised you two finished ’30s dresses, so here’s the second…

This is a modified princess-line dress. Those right angles on the bodice are tricky.

UFO #2 – Simplicity 3280 Original 1939 Pattern

This next frock started at least two years back firmly in that “quick, easy, satisfying” mindset, but I just lost steam on it and it lived in a plastic bag until last weekend. I am SO glad I pulled this rayon faille dress out and finished it, though, because I think it’s my new favorite!

The only zipper I had of the right length and a not-white color was red,…but then I forgot how to put a lapped zip in! So there’s a little peak of dark red on the side and to be honest, I don’t hate it.

The original 1939 pattern was tricky with the right angles on the bodice. I won’t say this is particularly well-made (don’t look too closely), but it fits well and is quite flattering. I *love* original vintage patterns because they go together superbly well, are very easy to fit (this one had 3/4 inch seam allowance on the side seams – THANK YOU!), and somehow always, regardless of size, end up looking like the dress on the envelope.

Those right-angled princess seams are also on the back of the dress. One of the reasons I chose this dress to make way back when was because there isn’t a waist seam. I have a long waist and at the time I didn’t want to bother with adjusting and fitting the waist.

My favorite thing about this green dress is how versatile it is. Accessories can really change the look. I took the time to make a matching belt and finish all the little details I normally ignore or put off ’til never, like making the little loop and button for the neckline. These give options – open neck/closed neck, belt/no belt – and I do love having options.

I love how versatile this dress is. Here it is without the belt, no neck tie, and with matching shoes and a different style hat.

The dress is made in a wonderful pine green rayon faille. I had not-quite-enough to do this project, so there is some piecing on the front and skirt, but I don’t even notice anymore. I appreciate the very simple but effective self-fabric decoration for the false pocket flaps. They’re just square of fabric folded in half, offset, and stitched through the center. The ’30s were so clever with economic trims.

Ironically, here at the outset of Spring and Summer, this is really more of a Fall dress, but that just means it’s ready to go when we do get to my favorite season in a few months. 🙂

I do love options!

Dress – Simplicity 3280 made by me
Shoes – “Maria” 1930s pumps in red and green from
Hats, Purse, Gloves – vintage


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