Friday, November 22, 2019

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The Isabella Mactavish Fraser Pattern & Documentary!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are very proud to release to you today the Isabella Mactavish Fraser gown pattern and construction PDF along with our short documentary about this famous tartan gown and its re-creation this past June 2019 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Click here to go download this FREE pattern booklet!
This entire project have been a labor of love for most of this year. Abby and I worked with an amazing team to recreate this gown in two days. The process was documented in photos and on film, and we have developed all of the bloods, sweat, and tears of this endeavor into this pattern booklet and video for everyone to enjoy.

The pattern is FREE to download on (with a little coupon offer when you do 😉). It contains the gridded pattern, photos, diagrams, measurements, drawings, links, and detailed instructions of how this gown was made. We hope you enjoy it!
Click here to download this FREE pattern booklet



  1. Wow! Could you provide some suggestions on where to buy wool/linen tartan fabric that is reasonably priced? Thanks.

    1. For wool, I recommend Burnley & Trowbridge. For tartan honestly I don't know. There are places in Scotland where I know you can buy by the yard, and I assume online too, but I have never tried it.