Photo Shoot: An Afternoon in the 1890s

Abby Cox in 1890s splendor in Virginia City, Nevada

A little while back, Nicole and Abby got dressed up in late 19th century attire and we dashed up to Virginia City, our local olde westy historical towne, to take a few photos.

The gorgeous costumes are two made by Nicole, beautiful woolen creations with gobs of embroidery, soutache braid, velvet and faux fur trim. It’s hard to decide which one I like better – the chartreuse suits Abby perfectly, and Nicole slays in her burgundy and cream design.

Nicole Rudolph and Abby Cox in 1890s attire – Virginia City, Nevada

Tavistock Button Boots, one of our most popular designs.

For being the high desert, we managed to get a quite rainy day in Virginia City, which – to be honest – was no bad thing. It meant that this normally tourist-rammed location was essentially empty, the light was soft and flattering, and it wasn’t roasting hot.

Live Music!

Check out the details on Nicole’s incredible gown.

Gibson Victorian/Edwardian Shoes paired with our Edwardian Silk Stockings.

We try to make photo shoots a regular thing, especially when we have new shoes or boots (or we’ve, uh, never actually photographed an older style…uhhh….). It felt great to play dress up and go take photos in a place that, for once, we didn’t have to “mask” and pretend was 18th century France. Virginia City is a wonderful, original silver mining town, and is fun to visit on any day, but is always made even better by historical dress.


I hope you enjoy these photos! Here’s the details:

Models – Abby Cox & Nicole Rudolph
Gowns – Nicole Rudolph
Shoes, Boots, & Stockings – “Tavistock” Victorian Button Boots and “Gibson” Edwardian Shoes from
Location – Virginia City, Nevada
Photography & Videography – Lauren Stowell & Jenny Smith

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