Podcast Episode 13: Flappers, Fringe, and Fashion with Zoë Beery

Nov 3, 2017 7 comments
Hi All!

This week on Fashion History with American Duchess we speak with the amazing Zoë Beery, a writer for Racked, about her article on how flappers didn't wear fringed dresses (at least not the ones that we all think of today as "flapper" dresses --- you know, the ones you find in the Halloween costume pop up shops...)

Zoë Beery rocking some great vintage fashion

While we started down the path of the origin of this 1920s fringed flapper dress myth, as with so many of our interviews, the three of us found ourselves discussing the evolution of gender, sexuality, and fashion and the quirky juxtaposition of the 1920s vs. the 1950s. It was quite the fun discussion, which lead to a few nice moments of deep thought and contemplation during and after our chat with Zoë.

We really enjoyed this thought provoking episode and hope you do, too! If you have any thoughts on what we talk about this episode, feel free to leave a comment below.

Abby & Lauren

P.S. -- This episode was recorded through a Skype call, and sometimes that leads to funny noises because of weird internet connections. :)


  1. Can't wait to listen! I dressed up as a 1920s lady for Halloween, but nobody could tell because I wasn't wearing a "flapper dress"! :p

  2. Every year I set a goal to research a particular time in historical fashion and try to recreate a Halloween costume using period appropriate fabrics via curtains, tablecloths, etc found at estate sales and thrift shops. This year I tackled the 1920's. You might enjoy the reveal post.

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