Please Vote! New Victorian/Edwardian Pumps in *Colors*

Shoes from J. Ferry, 1885-1890. The Met, 2009.300.1579a,b 

Ladies, for the first time *ever* we are able to offer a range of colors in one of our new styles for next Spring.

We’ve been working on perfecting a late Victorian/Edwardian evening shoe, c. 1880-1910. We’ve heard your cries for low-heeled evening shoes with options, so – thanks to Lauren’s trip to China – our new “Amelie” pumps will come in 6 colors, each with our exclusive 1.75 inch French heel, and clip-on double bows (oh yes!)

…but we need your help. Besides black, the obvious choice, which other colors should we do? Here’s a nifty poll to help us out. Please choose your top six (6) favorite colors. Thank you!

“Amelie” Pumps will be coming out around the beginning of next year, 2018. We are so excited to finally be able to offer this historic footwear staple in a range of colors. Thank you for your help, lovelies!


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