The Gatsby Picnic in Pictures

Lauren, Abby, and Tina at The Gatsby

Oh Gatsby Summer Picnic how I love you … let me count the ways!

This year Abby and I ventured over the hill to one of my favorite costuming events – The Oakland Gatsby. When I lived in the Bay Area I attended this illustrious lawn party three times, but that was well before I started blogging or making shoes or really dressing in a vintage style every day.

Abby keeping cool in her Decades of Style “zig-zag” dress in aqua cotton voile.

There were a fair few Lillians there. It was so cool seeing them all!

We went as “company representatives” (sounds all official, right? lol) sporting Evelyns and Lillians respectively. It was a hot day – uncomfortably hot – but everyone still managed to look cool and chic in their vintage attire.

Elizabeth in a beautiful 1-hour dress made from vintage fabric.

It was HOT!

And what amazing clothes and cars and picnic setups! I love the dedication to authenticity that the Gatsby presents. There’s always an air of fun and frivolity among beauty – the fabulous music to dance to, the beautiful cars and beautiful people, the occasional drunken flapper authentically stumbling around. I just love every moment of it.


The Laced Angel looked beautiful and cool in her early 1920s frock.

If you’re interested in the wonderful Gatsby Summer Afternoon, find out more here.

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