Podcast Episode 11: Interview with Theatre/TV/Film Costumer Constance MacKenzie

Constance & Cathy Hay looking amazing at the Jane Austen Festival in Bath

Hello Lovelies!

Lauren and I had the pleasure of being introduced to Constance MacKenzie by Cathy Hay while we were at Costume College in August. It took all of about 5 minutes for us to develop a strong costumer girl crush on Constance. This girl has made incredible things happen throughout her career, and never took no for an answer.

She started her sewing journey attending Kentwell Hall’s Tudor Days as a child and eventually becoming a reenactor & participant in the event. From there she secured a job at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, attending Wimbledon College of Arts for Costume Design, and eventually has worked her way into working on massive movies like….


She even got to be an extra in that scene when Diana is being outfitted in “proper” 1918 women’s clothing. Constance is even in a gif!

See Constance?! She’s measuring the customer in the background! Wee! 
While we don’t get into a lot of nitty gritty history things with Constance, we thoroughly enjoyed hearing about her professional journey and we believe that she should be an inspiration to all young people who want to work in this field. Lauren and I both left the interview feeling inspired by Constance’s drive and determination to follow her dreams and achieve her goals by being true to herself and working her bum off. 
Constance attending Tudor Days at Kentwell Hall
A selection of Ruffs made by Constance. She is a ruff queen! 
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