A Winter’s Sale

It’s that time, my dears! Welcome to the Holiday shopping season. We can’t ignore it (nor do we wish to), but we want this to be a joyous time for you rather than a stressful one. So with that in mind, we’ve got specials for you….oh yes….

This year we have all sorts of goodies:

  • Look for the green “Freebies” banners on most of our shoes – these mean you get a choice of free accessories like silk stockings, 18th century shoes buckles, or button hooks on that product.
  • In addition, any non-freebies accessories purchased with shoes or in multiples gets a discount.
  • Victoria Carriage Boots and Dunmore 18th Century Shoes in White are on clearance – go get ’em because they won’t be back.
  • We have a handful of Imperfects too. (these never last long)
Additionally, there’s a sale on at RoyalVintageShoes.com. We have a clearance sale section here, and will also be tempting you with FLASH SALES each day over the weekend. Friday through Monday there will be one of the Royal Vintage 1940s shoes on sale for $20 off for that day only. 

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Happy Holidays, ladies! I hope you enjoy our sales and get some loverly things. Thank you for supporting our business. <3

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  • Unknown

    November 29, 2016 at 6:10 PM

    Lauren, there was a post on the Facebook group "18th century sewing" asking about American Dutchess shoes. A young lady from the U.K. was thinking about ordering a pair, and she asked the other correspondents for their experience with American Dutchess. If you haven't read that line of discussion already, you should check it out. Cheers! Sam


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