Introducing our Fall Collection of Historic Shoes – Pre-Orders Open!

It’s a big day! For the first time, we’re presenting our entire Fall collection all at once.


This year we have new offerings in several of our historic categories. There’s “Fraser” 18th century shoes perfect for cosplay and earlier 18th century impressions. There’s “Renoir” Civil War Button Boots in black, our popular true side-buttoning boots for c. 1850-1880. And finally we’ve got the “Londoner” Edwardian Oxfords, absolutely fabulous reproduction lace-ups from the early 20th century in two new colorways, cherry and tan, with ombre patina to bring out the broguing.

We’re very proud of our new designs and hope you love them too! Here’s a little bit more about each one…

“Fraser” 18th Century Shoes in Black or Ivory

These beauties are perfectly suited to the first half of the 18th century. A good, solid, leather shoe, the Frasers feature the hallmarks of early-period footwear, with pointed latchets and tongue, dog-leg seams, the characteristic white rand, and a chunky Louis heel.

We based the Frasers on a number of primary sources. There aren’t many plain leather shoes from this period surviving in collections, so we looked at other sources such as advertisements and prints, along with the overall silhouette and construction of women’s footwear from the first half of the 18th century. The result is a lovely, elegant, sturdy shoe that will serve you well at a variety of events both indoors and out.

Frasers are on sale for $135 through November 1st, and also qualify for combo discounts with buckles, stockings, and shoe care products. They are available in black and ivoryorder yours here.

“Londoner” Edwardian Oxfords in Cherry or Tan

We’ve designed a lot of shoes over the past five years, but I have to admit that these are some of my favorites. Sophisticated yet very practical, with menswear details combined with a curvaceous French heel, the Londoners a great all-around shoe for both historical and modern wear. We’ve chosen leather all the way through, with stacked leather covering the heels, and a beautiful ombre finish on the uppers.

V and A c. 1910-1914

These pretty oxfords are accurate for c. 1900 – 1925. They’re based closely on a number of antiques in The Met and V&A, along with a few in our collection here. They’re a great choice for Downton Abbey dress-up and Great War reenactment, but they also crossover splendidly to today.

Londoners are on sale for $140 through November 1st. We also have additional discounts on stockings and shoe care products for you. Available in cherry and tanplace your order here.

“Renoir” Civil War Button Boots in Black

Lastly, we finally have our popular “Renoir” Civil War button boots in black. As with all our button boots, these are the real deal – no zippers, no elastic, nothing modern. The Renoirs are all leather with the distinctive late 1850s knock-on opera heel, a square toe with no toe box, and a scalloped button fly.

Renoirs are on sale for $170 through November 1st. We have discounts on combo items as well, such as the necessary Victorian Button Hook, stockings, and shoe care products to keep your boots in good condition. Order your here.

We are now taking pre-orders for all of the above styles! All pre-orders receive a $20 discount and combo item deals. In addition, any USA orders over $165 get FREE shipping, and all of these styles also qualify for EasyPay. Good times!

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