Oh, Hello Again…

Our temporary sign, lol

Darlings, I do apologize for being MIA lately, especially right as we started the Simplicity 18th c. Pattern Hacks series…

… but it’s been for good reason! …

We call it Toontown, but look at those windows!

The past several weeks, we’ve been moving – both house AND business. American Duchess / Royal Vintage now have their own home-that-isn’t-our-garage, an official office and warehouse space that will allow us to hire employees, grow our offerings, and meet professionally with clients and mentors without the poor dears having to come to my house and be savaged by vicious poodles.

The warehouse is about 2200 square feet, which is triple the size of the garage and separate storage we were in before. You can see the car for scale.

It’s not been easy, though! Finding commercial space is not like renting a house or apartment. It’s *complicated* and something we’ve been seeking since February. Just finding the right place, then negotiating the lease, then doing the “build out” (we got new paint and nice floors), then actually moving everything in….what a huge job!

Fresh paint and lovely flooring in the “front of house” – the office and meeting space.

But how exciting for the future. This means big things, my dears. More on that later 🙂

* Our new location is not a retail store, but if you happen to be in Reno and wish to try on shoes, you can make an appointment to come see us. 🙂


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