Musing on A Natural Form Spring - 1870s Photoshoot at The Lake Mansion

Jan 8, 2016 12 comments
Sometimes I get so busy I forget to share things, like this lovely photo shoot we did last Spring with a wonderful girl, Siera, at a wonderful local historic home known as The Lake Mansion.

The gown and hat were made by a good friend, Lady Carolyn. I've always loved this stunning natural form gown. So much detail, fluff, and lace, yet figure-hugging and so flattering.

Our photoshoots are, of course, to show examples of how to style American Duchess shoes. These are the "Renoir" button boots, which are historically appropriate for the late 1850s through the early 1880s. The Renoirs are wonderfully versatile, and can be worn with a cage crinoline or a bustle.

I met our model, Siera, at the local Starbucks. She struck me as having a "historical presence," even in her sandwich shop uniform. When I spoke with her, it turned out she was mad about historical costuming (do we emit an aura of some kind?), and was excited to do the shoot. Carolyn's gown fit her perfectly, and she moved in the dress as if she were born in the 19th century.

These photos have reminded me how much I love the 1870s, and how much I want/need to make more costumes from this era. There's nothing quite so luxurious and even sensuous as a form-fitting, trained, super decorative ensemble.

I hope you've enjoyed these photos as much as I enjoyed creating them!

See more of Lady Carolyn's work here
Shop historic footwear of all periods here


  1. What a stunner! Both Siera and the gown, of course. She looks as if she were indeed born wearing dresses like this. I love the athmosphere of the photoshoot, it really looks and feels like a glimpse into another time. Absolutely, positively gorgeous.

  2. What a beautiful gown, and your boots compliment it perfectly.

  3. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Siera is looking like a duchess or princess here and the shoes just perfect the outfit.

  4. I have these gorgeous boots, now I just have to make a lovely ensemble like this one to compliment them. :)

  5. I love the 70s, so many styles to choose from in such a short period of time. ;)

  6. I love American Duchess!! They have such beautiful historical pieces! ❤️

  7. I love American Duchess so much!! They have such stunning historical pieces! ❤️💕


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