A 1920s Photo Shoot with Yours Truly

More pictars!

I don’t really like to model – I much prefer to be behind the camera – but sometimes it’s easiest to put on all the stuff and just go.

1920s Photo Shoot - RoyalVintageShoes.com

For the 1920s section in our new shop, Royal Vintage Shoes, I wanted to wear the gorgeous original 1920s evening gown The Lady of Portland House sent to me. It’s such an amazing dress, in perfect condition, and I find that original garments from this period really do drape and wear differently than anything I’ve made myself. Nothing beats a vintage dress!

Original 1920s dress - 1920s photo shoot - Royal Vintage Shoes

I wore the dress with a pair of the bronze/gold metallic “Gatsby” t-straps. I was originally a little nervous about the heel height, but was pleasantly surprised by how balanced and comfortable the shoes were. They went perfectly with the gown and were not at all too “loud.” They’re a great evening shoe for ’20s events.

1920s “Gatsby” metallic t-straps by Chelsea Crew – get them at RoyalVintageShoes.com

My hair is a wig! I currently still don’t have enough hair to do anything with, and my attempts at vintage styling usually come out hit-or-miss anyway, so I tried this “Fingerwave” wig from Darcinut on eBay, and have been really happy with it. (It made a few appearances at Costume College too).

Chris and I went to the 1930s train station in downtown Reno and took a few snaps. The station was closed – pity – but there were some cool architectural elements on the exterior.

Royal Vintage Shoes - 1920s photo shoot

I look forward to wearing this outfit to an event – more 1920s events, please!

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