Early 1920s Tabard Gown – a Wonderful Gift!

Antique 1920s tabard style gown in cut velvet and silk chiffon

Last week I received a surprise in the mail from The Lady of Portland House.

I couldn’t believe what I pulled out of the box – an utterly stunning cut velvet-and-chiffon early 1920s gown! Lauren M. said she saw it in an antique shop and thought of me. Thank you, Lauren!!

I absolutely love it! I haven’t worn it yet, but am just waiting for the perfect occasion (next week? squee!).

Detail of applique work on an antique 1920s tabard style gown in cut velvet and silk chiffon

The details are amazing. It’s a tabard-style gown with a built in silk chiffon slip. The sides are “open,” with some of the velvet dots appliqued onto the drapey chiffon bits at the side. It’s very clever and an interesting detail to what looks at first like a fairly straightforward gown. Like so many 1920s dresses, though, the joy is in the details (or the devil, if you’re making one yourself!)

Thank you so so so much, Lady Georgiana!


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