Review: Wearing History “Smooth Sailing” Trousers

Wearing History “Smooth Sailing” Trousers, Pendleton Blazer, 1940s style shoes by b.a.i.t. Footwear

My hunt for the perfect vintage pants has been long but not unfulfilled. I have made some of my own, but when it comes to trousers I’d really rather just buy them.


So I was thrilled when one of my favorite designers and fellow small business woman, Lauren Maringola of Wearing History, launched a Kickstarter campaign for her ready-to-wear line, which included her “Smooth Sailing” trousers in denim.

Oh hell yes.

I’m really happy with the quality and fit of the pants. They are made of lightweight denim (real denim!) that drapes nicely for the wide legs, and they fit perfectly through the waist and derriere.

Wearing History adjusted the pattern of these pants for a slightly more modern aesthetic, raising the crotch a bit, where vintage pants it’s practically to the knees. This doesn’t effect the vintage look at all, just makes them more comfortable and flattering.

Another nice detail – Lauren left a considerable depth of hem, so the pants can easily be let down to wear with high heels or if you’re tall. As they are, I can wear them with flats, a huge bonus in a sea of though-shalt-only-wear-heels trousers available from the high street, and very convenient for casual wear.

The only drawback, which is really just my personal preference, is that the pants do not have pockets or belt loops. This keeps the lines over the hips and around the waist slim, though the lack of belt loops means you can’t cinch the waist in. I’m between sizes, and had a little extra space in the waistband, but found it simple to adjust by moving the button at the side closure.

One last note – you may find you need to get some granny panties. Low rise, modern undies create a noticeable, um, dent (?) in the body that shows through the slim-fitting hips on the Smooth Sailing Trousers. High-rise knickers solve the problem. Get some pretty ones.


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