1919 Red Russian Winter Suit – Done!

The final 1919 suit worn together for a holiday event. I love how this came out! I learned a lot about tailoring (what little I did on the collar), piecing faux fur, and working with soutache braid.

(As a wrap up to this project, I’m posting some photos of the final make (from the future – from 2020!))
I referenced the interested silhouette in 1919 for the cut of my skirt. Earlier in the 19teens the skirts were full and a lot shorter, interestingly, though the jackets were almost identical. The Wearing History pattern has the earlier 1916 fuller skirt, so I forward-dated my ensemble by a few years.

I self-drafted this skirt. It’s very simple, just kindof a tube with darts in front and back and a shaped hem. I put just a little soutache and buttons to coordinate with the jacket. I’m wearing it with an antique blouse here.

Party shoes – Seabury heels in black satin and damask with that lovely 3 inch French heel.

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