Introducing American Duchess “Exclusives”

I’ve been a bit quiet lately, but it’s because we’ve been planning some really…*really*… cool stuff for you guys, and working on a video to explain it all.

I’ll let you watch the video first…

Any questions? Here are the answers to a great many.

I’m super stoked about this, because there are just gobs of gorgeous antique shoes that we want to make (and we get requests for from you guys all the time), but couldn’t do a full production run of.

Yes, they do cost more – approximately double our usual range – as making only a few pairs of this and that is is tricky for any manufacturer. But in return for your hard-earned dollars (or pounds, or euros), you get some seriously rare footwear made by master craftsmen, using top-notch leathers and textiles, and with our proprietary historic heel shapes. They’ll come in special boxes and be numbered…like art.

I’m sure you’re just itching to start voting. Cycle 1 is already underway with colorway choices on the first design. You can cast your vote here

Cycle 1 Winner – 1920s/30s two-tone spectator. Click the image to vote on your favorite color combos

If you’d like to submit designs for the next cycle, email me at [email protected] . Not all designs will be possible, and some may be in development for our regular line, so don’t fret if you don’t see your submission in the next cycle. We may also have to limit it based on number of submissions.

So get ready – the first sale is coming soon!

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