My 5 Hour Wearing History "Smooth Sailing" Trousers

Aug 25, 2014 10 comments
So last Thursday I made some trousers. Pants are completely terrifying to me, so I had actually bought the fabric for these trousers months ago, sat on it, and in the post Costume College inspiration burst, entered the world of sewing Legged Things, using the Wearing History "Smooth Sailing" pattern, which I'd heard good things about.

Well how do I put this....the Wearing History trousers pattern is the best pants pattern in the world.

Not that I've sewn every pants pattern in the world....but I have sewn up quite a few now, and I've found fit and flattery to be difficult things to achieve. Not so with the Wearing History pattern. My goodness, they fit absolutely perfectly - the waist was at my actual waist; they were fitted over the hips, but not tight; the crotch sat in the right place; the straight leg looks great. I'm *thrilled* !

I was also very impressed with the construction techniques shown in the pattern notes. Wearing History guides you through putting these pants together in a way that is very different from any other pants pattern I've used, but makes so much more sense. The benefit is in the smooth seams and non-bulky bits between the legs (where bulk always seems to be, and is never welcome).

The most astounding thing is that I put these pants together in 5 hours. I don't sew anything in a day, but I went from testing muslin to done in one evening. That's how easy these are.

I wore them two days later for a presentation at a local museum, and I'm so chuffed with these pants I'm taking them to Hong Kong tomorrow. And when I get back, I think I'll stitch up a couple more pairs, because they really are that great.

So if you've been looking for a great vintage trouser pattern, or you've had the Wearing History pattern sitting there waiting for some time, do not delay anymore. You won't regret it. Get stitching!


  1. Love this outfit! Menswear steals my heart every time! :)

  2. Good to hear from someone else who shares the Legged Things Fear! These look great. I've read a lot of good things about this pattern, and now that it's won over a fellow trouser-phobe, I think the time has come to investigate.

  3. Those are great! I prefer the other Wearing History pants pattern (the 1940s overall/trouser pattern) because the pleats hit me at a more flattering area. So glad you've conquered pants!

  4. so glad to hear this! i've been terrified of tackling modern pants... these look fabulous and i can't believe you made them so quickly!

  5. This is lovely, I keep looking at that pattern and not making the jump...I think its time. You did a great job!

  6. I need to get my act together and grab that pattern! They look so lovely on you, and I really like the fabric you used.

  7. Such a great pattern! Yours look great!

  8. Great slacks .... love the blonde hair! Bought your bronze shoe dye to attempt to revive a favorite pair of leather shoes and it worked beautifully!

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