Costume College: Part the Second

I’ve been bad about posting the rest of my Costume College photos, and sharing the festivities. Sorry! Better late that never, right? Here are some shots (mine unless otherwise credited) from Day 2, during the day, and the evening Time Traveler’s Gala:

During the Day…

Abby and Natalie in their matching 18th century outfits
The back of Abby’s cap – I never miss an opportunity to see how these look from all angles, for the someday-maybe cap I will make
Kaila in her Lady Sybil “Downtown Abbey” outfit – adorable and perfect
For Day 2 I dressed as 1920s Pierrot. I spent the entire day silent, which was awesome. Photo by Laurie Tavan
I painted my face with the Ben Nye clown makeup and black eyeliner. It was a pain to get off later that night, though!

The Evening…

The Empress Sisters
Kendra promoting her new book.
I thought the little books in the hair and on the jewelry were inspired

Love these ladies – left to right: Natalie, Cathy, Monica, Christina, Breanna, and Kaila
And then there’s Curtis.
Breanna and Chrissy get silly.
Kaila. Just elegant.
That headdress was bitchin’
Cathy and Monica do the Time Warp. Again.
Rebecca in her absolutely stunning court gown.
18th Century meets 1980s – Marie Antoinette punks. This costume was absolutely over-the-top creative and inspiring.
Marie Punktoinette – LOVED this.

Elizabeth – she knows no equal. Increible court gown, that hair, and that attitude!

For the record, twerking’s got nothin’ on what can be done with panniers.
Francis brings it.

See? that attitude. MEOW!
And awesome pair of 23Skidoos painted silver and black, and heeled with rhinestones, by Amy Lee.
A selfie of my hair for the gala, done by Racy Tracy the Historical Hairdresser. This is my own hair, and I covered the back with a cap lent to me by Cynthia – thanks Tracy and Cynthia, for making this happen!
Photo by Gina White – I wore my “LACMA Sacque-ma” to the Gala. I didn’t do the red carpet walk, which now I regret, but we closed “the house” dancing to ’80s tunes until midnight. 🙂

That’s it, that’s all! Now on to all the costumes to make for *next year* !


  • Jenny

    August 21, 2014 at 8:34 AM

    SO very jealous yet so very honored to know so many of you lovely insane people! You truly outdid yourselves. That WIG and that SILK…. And there there is Curtis. Much love to you all!! <3 <3

  • Vincent Briggs

    August 25, 2014 at 4:25 PM

    Pouf a la book promotion! That is brilliant!
    And I love the Marie Antoinette punk outfit, especially since I'm working on a punk frock coat.

    You all look amazing.

  • Iron Chef Kosher!

    September 5, 2014 at 11:38 PM

    I cannot find the exact post where you said you were bothered by the lack of mirroring in your beige (?) Indienne print gown, so I am going to post this here, in the hopes that you will feel better about your garment. As you can see, you are not the first person to notice that the print doesn't mirror, and, obviously, back then, at least ONE person thought it was a "feature", not a "bug"!


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