Spring Fever: Floral Shoes!

Apr 23, 2014 2 comments
Okay, so maybe it blew a gale and was a bit nippy today, but on the whole it's been quite lovely here in Nevada, which has put me in mind of gardening. I'm a terrible gardener - I do try, though! - and since it was bad weather today, how about admiring some beautiful bloom-inspired shoes from history?

Museum of Applied Arts, 18th century (German)
MFA, 1780-85
LACMA, 1760s
Bata Shoe Museum (blog), 1780s-1790s
Eleanor Meriwether (blog), gaiter boots, c. 1840s
The Met, early 1840s
LACMA, 1849 - aren't these ADORBS!?
The Met, 19th century
Whitaker Auctions, 1870s
Manchester City Gallery, 1880s
The Met, 1891
LACMA, 1914-17
Vintage Textile, 1925
There are gobs and gobs more, of course - to find these and more floral shoes (and just more historical shoes in general), follow my "Shoes" boards on Pinterest.


  1. Grapes!!! grapes grapes grapes. (Sorry, they're just really cute...)

  2. The grapes one stole the show. I have a lovely stencil of grapes and I"m eyeing some silk satin....


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