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Feb 6, 2014 2 comments
It's that time again, dears! What shall be the next offering from AD? Up for consideration are:

Georgiana 18th century shoes
The new Georgiana
Georgiana (est. $120 - $140 retail)
Made of improved fabric, on Kensington's last, the new Georgiana features a pointier toe, improved construction and comfort, and the same great 1.75 inch French heel and customizability.
  • Dyeable Satin upper (white)
  • Leather Lining
  • Leather Sole
Nankeen Regency boots
Nankeen - fabric Regency boots
Nankeen (est. $145 - 155 retail)
Developed from original Regency examples, these buff-colored twill boots feature a soft, rounded toe, and adjustable lace-up closure, perfect for c. 1800 - 1815
  • "Nankeen" Colored Twill Upper
  • Fabric Lined
  • Leather Sole
18th century shoes
"Madison" - Also available in dyeable ivory
Madison (est. $145 retail)
A hard-wearing leather shoe with a thick and sturdy 2 inch French heel, Madison spans c. 1700 - 1760s. This is an earlier style than Kensington, perfect for French and Indian War. Available in black or ivory (dyeable).
  • Leather Upper
  • Leather Lining
  • Leather Sole
  • White Rand and Dog-Leg Seam Construction

Please vote for the shoe you would most likely purchase next. If you wouldn't purchase any of these, please refrain from voting. Other styles that have been previewed, such as Savoy, Tissot, and Renoir, are still in development and will be coming out later this year.


  1. Dear Duchess I have to do a lookbook for my fashion course, just 10 pages but my professor and I were discussing doing an 18th century inspired one and she mentioned your shoes (I've been a huge duchie fan for years by the way) we can use any medium, drawing photography, polyvore pretty much and I'd like to fish for ideas. My ideal fashion aesthetic is 18th century made modern any thoughts? (Also this course doesn't yet involve any sewing or fashion drawing so I don't know either of those)

    1. Hi Anthony -

      I'll help however I can. A quick search on google or pinterest for "modern 18th century" brings up all kinds of cool high-fashion images that draw from the neo-classical period in creative ways. I would also check out this designer - VERY cool modern take on 18th century:

      Also look at John Galliano

      And especially Vivienne Westwood

      Good luck!


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