Elizabethan Costume Modeling at Nevada Museum of Art

Feb 19, 2014 5 comments

This past weekend I modeled again for the painting class at the Nevada Museum of Art. It's quite an enjoyable experience, even though sitting still for 3 hours is difficult. I enjoy seeing how each artist interprets the pose, their technique and choice of composition and color. It's very satisfying. :-)

This time I wore some older Elizabethan things that don't get much play - a kirtle from a couple years back, last year's doublet, a *very* old shirt and hat. As you can see, nothing really fits anymore.

I mean...nothing at all. Not even the shirt! I guess my neck and wrists have gotten bigger? To be fair to the doublet, I wasn't wearing bodies - I relied on the kirtle's boned bodice to shape - but I would put money on the doublet not fitting over bodies either, because nothing fits anymore. So I wore the doublet open, which looked fine, I think.

I didn't get any of the artist's names (will make sure to next time, before they all dash out the door after class), but here are a few of the works from the day...


  1. Very nice. How did your sitting for them come about?

  2. I love the oil sketch at the beginning of the post! Also, your hat is just fantastic :)

  3. I do the same thing at the art museum here in Newport. The students really appreciate the chance to paint a person in costume. I am often ask me if it is difficult to sit still for so long? It isn't because with my hectic schedule it is a blessing to be able to just sit still for once. LOL! I find it meditative.

  4. What a fantastic idea! It gives the students a rare opportunity to have a live model just like the old masters had! So fun.

  5. You make a gorgeous model! How very fun that must have been!


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