Time to Play Holidays! American Duchess Advent Calendar

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Ladies and Laddies, I’m so happy to present to you the American Duchess Advent Calendar!

Every day until December 24th there will be a different deal – free this, free that, giveaways, coupons, all kinds of fun and festive treats.

Each deal on the calendar runs 24 hours (PST) only, and you never know what goodness it will be. Doors from previous days are deactivated, and doors from future days are a big secret.  Be sure to check back every day for what’s new, and when something great comes up, feel free to share it with all your friends.

Chris and I spent ages working on this, and we hope you enjoy!  It’s our way of saying “thank you,” giving back, and making merry in this most festive of months. Happy Holidays to you!

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