The Winners of the "Winter Wonderland" Photo Contest

Dec 8, 2013 10 comments

After much deliberation, our panels of five judges has come to a decision.

Here's how we judged:

There were 5 judges - myself, three historical seamstresses of high skill, and one professional photographer. In the interest of privacy, I will not reveal the names of the judges, but they are all people I have known for years, know to be fair and unbiased, and trust absolutely.

Each of the judges independently chose their top 10 photos from the 90+ entries on the basis of overall composition, mood/feeling, costuming prowess, and photography.  From the top 10, we narrowed it down to 7 that all five judges had included in their top 10.  Then, each judge was asked to score each of the 7 photos with a point system - their first choice received 10 points, second choice 9 points, and so on.

The points from each judge were added, and the winners are as follows:

1st Place - 47 points

Karolina Z. "Christmas Love Letter"
 2nd Place - 39 points
Lauren M.
"My husband and I took his 1939 Plymouth to get our Christmas tree, and we dressed up for the occasion. We don't get snow where we live, but the smell of fresh pine and warm coats always signify a winter wonderland to me!"
3rd Place - 34 points
Maija - "Dressed up warmly for a stroll in the park!"
Congratulations! I will contact you within the next day with your gift certificates.

Runners Up
Kathryn G. - tied for 4th place (33 points)
Pro Aris Et Focis - tied for 4th place (33 points)
Peryn - 5th place (31 points)
Alessandra - 6th place (28 points)
As you could see from all 90+ entries, this was a difficult decision! Everyone's photos were beautiful, festive, and the whole group together really showed what a wonderful, talented community we have all over the world.  Congratulations again to the winners!

Happy Holidays to everyone!


  1. Wonderful choices. Congratulations to everyone!

  2. great job! you chose the ones I wanted to win so we must think alike ;-)

  3. These are such amazing costumes! I want most of them, please! :P Great work, everyone, you deserve the prizes!

  4. Congratulations everyone. Good judging! I have to say that I'm completely charmed by Lauren M.'s photo, since I grew up in a part of the country where there was no snow. I'd buy Christmas cards with that photo on them any day!

  5. Congratulations!!! Good choice!

  6. Wow, congrats to all winners! Lovely photos they all are!

  7. Sadly, blogger did something hideous with the photo :/ I had the same issue while publishing it on my blog. I suspect it has something to do with the new autocorrect feature.

  8. I loved seeing all of the wonderful, gorgeous entries! Maybe you should do this again some time, and narrow it to a specific time period. Congrats to the winners....

  9. Lovely winner! I saw Maija's riding habit in person last week and she looks amazing in it!

  10. Congratulations to the winners, and thanks for choosing my photo for runner up!!


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