Christmas Tea at the Brewery Arts Center, Carson City, NV

Dec 16, 2013 14 comments

This past Saturday good-sized group of us Great Basin Costumers invaded the Brewery Arts Center in Carson City, for their afternoon High Tea.  There was no set period for costume, just a "come in whatever you'd like to wear," and so we had Steampunks, Civil War folks, a couple bustle girls, and an elf. :-)

I finished my 1879 gown just in time, putting the last stitch on the hat around midnight the night before.  I'm happy to say that on its first outing, the gown wore quite well.  I *loooove* Natural Form. I think it might be my new obsession - I already want to make another one!

Natural Form Bustle Gown

Bustle Dress Natural Form 1879 1880

After the tea, several of us wandered down to The Nugget for the Battle Born Civil War Reenactor's annual Christmas Ball. We had a lovely dinner, danced a few lovely dances, and in general had quite a nice time (although I didn't get any pictures, sorry!). I didn't change into 1860s evening attire, oh well. The BBCWR are a very accepting, fun-loving group that would never look down on such an anachronism.

It was a lovely day, a lovely evening, and now back to the sewing table for the next project!


  1. You look beautiful Lauren, you outdid yourself with that dress, it's absolutely amazing. Well done!!!!

  2. Natural form is my favorite too! And I hope we get a post with details on your hat - I hear it's a redecorated vintage hat from the 50s!

    1. I will do a post just about the hat. I've had a lot of questions about it!

  3. Lovely dress! What I like about it the most is the color combination. Yummy!

  4. The gown looks stunning! Natural form is my favorite too.

  5. Seriously, its like you stepped off a Godeys Lady Book page! I wish I lived out west and could Jane one of these events, tho I have nothing earlier than 1913 to wear...
    Best wishes for the holidays,
    Nancy N

  6. Wow!! The dress came out fabulous. You look smashing!

  7. Beautiful, I adore this!! And the hat turned out stunning as well. It's amazing how well other era vintage hat bases can work out ;-)
    I love the shape of the pointed tails on the back of the bodice. So sleek!

  8. When I get around to make a new corset, I just might have to use your gown as some inspiration, I hope that's alright. ;) It's that fabulous.

  9. Oh my giddy aunt!!! Your tea dress is stunning! Love the colors, the fur bits, the BACK!!! Holy monkey, but your look grand!!!



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